The town of Tayman quickly sprang up, rising from the dusty soil of the Texas plains. Many people flocked to the new town in the hopes of making money and starting a new life. This wasn't just another place to try to get rich, only to be beat out by larger corporations. No, this was an honest and true town, with real jobs. Jobs created by Dan Tayman. This was Dan's attempt to prove that he was a worthy man, and deserved the hand of his beloved Annabelle. And it wasn't long before her father relented and let her marry the young Tayman. They lived in a modest home, and Annabelle bore two children to Dan. He swore to build a dream home to honor her, and that promise was kept. With his own two hands, and a heart full of love, Dan Tayman laid the groundwork for the family home on the outskirts of town. While he could have paid to have someone else build the home, crafting it with his own hands showed a testament of love and devotion to his wife that he believed she was more than worthy of.

The town continued to flourish, and with the prosperity, many new businesses came too. There was the post office, the general store, the livery stables and blacksmith, and many other fine establishments. It seemed that life couldn't get any better in the town of Tayman. Everyone from wealthy business men to humble mine workers all wanted to live and breathe in the town of Tayman. It was considered a fine place to live and raise a family. As main street continued to see new businesses spring up from the dusty soil, and lush gardens replaced the barren fields, Tayman Manor was finally completed. It was considered by all to be resplendent in its beauty. It was a fitting gift to his wife, and Dan was pleased with all he had accomplished.

Dan's family was extremely proud of him. They could not believe that their son, who was born of such modest stock, could have possibly created such a wonderful place. They eventually decided to move into the town of Tayman themselves.

Dan's father Barnaby, an undertaker by trade, moved his business to the town as well. As the senior Tayman would say, "The business of death is good. People are just dying to get in to funeral homes!" Little did he know how right he would be in making that statement. For a threat loomed in the not too distant future. One that would bring pain and sorrow to the Tayman family.

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