With the town flourishing, and times good, many of the townsfolk were in need of some good old fashioned entertainment. So it was no surprise when people openly welcomed the traveling carnival passing through their town.

The carnival had everything you could imagine to divert ones attention and provide a few hours of respite from the sweltering Texas heat.

There were clowns, and jugglers. Animal acts and snake charmers. And of course, what kind of carnival would it be without the sword swallowers, snake oil salesmen, gypsy fortune tellers, and a whole plethora of additional side shows that were guaranteed to enthrall, delight, and part one with their coins! This carnival had them all, and then some.


One of the acts traveled on his own, in a gypsy wagon which guaranteed his solitude from all of the others. They called him the necromancer. His claims were of powers over the laws of nature itself. And he said that he could raise the dead, returning them from the other realms to which their departed spirits fled after death. His secrets were stored in a book. An old Tome of knowledge handed down from generation to generation, which could be dated back to medieval Europe. The dusty, leather bound volume supposedly held the secrets of creation, life, and death. The necromancer could raise the spirits of animals who had passed on, bringing them back in a vicious and primordial state. Of course this must just be a simple parlour trick, right? After all, who but the almighty himself could return the dead back to life? If his stories and accounts were true, this man was a force not to be trifled with.

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Tayman Graveyard is an intense attraction. Strobe lights are in use. Actors may
touch you, but you may not touch the actors or props. You may be drawn into
the show, so be prepared to get wet, bloody, muddy, and generally have a good time.
This attraction may be too extreme for young children. and some adults as well.
By Entering Tayman Graveyard, you agree that you may be videotaped and your
likeness used for advertising purposes without any compensation. Ticketholders
agree to hold Tayman Graveyard, its producers, actors, and employees harmless
in the event of injuries.

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